A 24-hr festival space, plus live streaming. Videos, live performances, chat, games, food, shops, and more. For best effect, don your Halloween gear and turn on your camera (camera overlays for more retiring). It’s been a crazy couple of years… Let’s try a crazy couple of days!

You can watch & comment on the livestream, or jump into the Festival space.

What to expect? Videos and live performances by artists, our MoguFes shops offering refreshments locally with delivery via our collaborators “Three Star Carry”, an online version of our “Worlds Meet Bar”, some opportunities to learn in our “Festival Daigaku”, kids’ rooms, chats with the organisers, and more! Participation styles below: join us, and follow the sunset all the way around the world.

YouTube Live Archive

Oct 30

Oct 31

How to Join

Option 1: Watch Live on YouTube, Oct 30

Our MCs & presenters will be hosting a livestream highlighting a selection of the videos, activities, and chats. Please subscribe while you are there!

Option 2: Join Virtual Space Live, Oct 30 & 31

You just need a web browser. The access details of the official page will be poster here near the day. Enter a nickname and log in to participate in the Virtual Art Festival. You will need to grant camera and mic permissions to your browser, but you are free to choose whether they are on or off inside the festival space.

We are delivering our festival using Spatial Chat. We are setting up dozens of rooms for you to experience and explore.

(Moble access not recommended: the SpatialChat mobile app launches “this winter”).

Option 3: Join as Artists (CLOSED)

We have an open call for artists. We will consider all videos tagged with #wmdfshow2021 on YouTube by Oct 27. Or, you can take that next step and have your own virtual room!

Option 4: Video Letters (CLOSED)

We also welcome video letters and other submissions from around the world. Tag your video with #wmdfshow2021 on YouTube by Oct 27.


We would love to work together. Our festival space this year offers lots of new opportunities for creative collaborations.

DetailsWMDF Sponsor Form (J)(This link opens a Google Form in a new tab)
SupportWMDF Show running costs & preparation for 2022 Festival
LevelsIn units of 10,000Yen
BenefitsNames & logo in event space, options to create your own room
DeadlineFri 22 Oct, 2021

Make a Donation

We really appreciate all those who are contributing to making this year’s novel event a success.

DetailsPayPay Bank ビジネス営業部
Regular account: 5535901
“一般社団法人ワールズ・ミート・ジャパン” (Worlds Meet Japan)
SupportWMDF Show running costs
LevelsFrom 1Yen!
BenefitsA feeling of warmth…
NotesYou can remain anonymous by using “Anon” or “トクメイ” as the donator name.

Help as Staff?

Would you like to be a part of this new and exciting style of festival? We are always looking for people with skills. During the event, we will need staff to be “eyes and ears” in all the many event rooms, to check that things are going OK, and to make sure we don’t miss all the interesting interactions that are taking place. Before the event, we need help setting up the rooms and checking the videos that come in.

If you have an interest, fill out the 「WMDF Staff application Form」(this link opens a Google Form in a new window).

You can take part in our staff meetings in Spatial chat, too!


  • Production credits: “Worlds Meet Japan” General Incorporated Associartion
  • Planning: Hitocochi, Inc, Kabushiki-gaisha Ren
  • Co-operation: Glaretone、Hokkaido University Local Community Project


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