WMDF Show: Artists Call (Closed)

Join video lineup, or try an “Online Live”!

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One of the great things about an online 24hr festival is that we can be really global. Sharing videos by adding a hashtag is a really quick way to be considered. For live and virtual room applications, please use the form below.

Example Room (WMDF Archive)

Example Room (Hokkaido History)


  • Q: Is there remuneration for artists? Or, a venue fee for using the space?
    A: Thanks to our sponsors, we can provide the SpatialChat virtual space free of charge to audience and artists. In this first trial of our online festival, we are operating on the basis of no financial transactions between artists and organisers. So, there is no remuneration offered to artists, and the use of the online space is free. For online “pass the hat” or real-time contributions from audience, we are investigating the possibilities. 
  • Q: For video participation, what kind of videos and what length?
    Videos that are embedded in SpatialChat play automatically on a loop.In the online space, moving near the video makes the sound audible, but otherwise the visuals just repeat. We think that content that is a collection of performances that can be viewed from any point in the video is suited to this space. Also, a collection of a few shorter videos is better than one long video. A promo video can be included as part of the mix, to catch the attention of the audience, and pull them towards viewing one or two of the longer videos that are also included in the space.
  • Q: For live performances, what time slots are available? What time should we perform?
    A: For live performances, artists should plan to perform at a time that suits them and their fans. By running the online space for 24 hours, we hope that any group can find a convenient time.
  • Q: But what time suits WMDF best for artists to perform live?
    A: We think that the peak of audience numbers will be between 6pm and 11pm on Oct 30, Japan time If you schedule your performance during these times, WMDF fans in Japan can easily join. Also, the last two hours before the closing on Oct 31 will be good times to attract audience.
  • Q: What technical specifications are needed to make a live broadcast?
    A: In SpatialChat, artists just need to share the output (video and audio) of one camera or one computer window via a web browser logged in to the SpatialChat site. It is really that easy! SpatialChat hosting takes care of the rest.

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