Moat’s Art

The moat of Hakodate’s famous Goryokaku fort stages a new style of artistic expression. Performers take to the rowing boats. Spectators spread out on the grassy banks and along the wooden bridges. Our highly regarded “Worlds Meet Bar” and food cars supply refreshments. Keeping the arts, keeping physical distance.

Local artists representing all genres. Expect everything from Mozart (of course) to jazz and rock and roll. We believe in the magic of mixing together different worlds, especially in these times when the opportunities are diminished. We are now fielding applications: why not take a chance and try something different? There are three 30-minute performance slots every day.


Every Sat and Sun, from Jul 18 to Aug 30, 11:30 – 13:00.
Wednesday evenings, sunset serenade, 17:00 – 18:30.
(No performances in adverse weather)

Full schedule posted on the Japanese page. The spirit of the event is to just turn up and be surprised. Maybe bring a picnic and enjoy being in the park. Or try out one of the event booths. If the mood takes you, sign-up on the day to perform! Videos and more of each day’s happenings are below and on blog.

Aug 1 (Sat) Maeda Yurina — Chanson

Aug 1 (Sat) Hakodate Yagai Geki — Ah Hakodate!

7月29日(水) Hatch Hatchell — Reprise

Jul 29 (Wed) Tom Sayanagi — Flute & Guitar

Jul 25 (Sat) Shinada Hidenori & Yoshida Kazuo — The Folk Duo

Jul 25 (Sat) Hatch Hatchell — Ridiculous-tricky Gentleman

Jul 22 (Wed) Kazuo Yoshida — Folk Songs

Jul 19 (Sun) Masayo Sudo — Soprano

Jul 18 (Sat) Thomas Thornton — Violin

Jul 17 (Fri) — Art Installation Start

A Message

In 2020, most of the community-based activities of Worlds Meet Japan — WMDF, Children of the World, MoguFes, Worlds Meet Bar, and WakuFes — were made impractical by the new Corona virus pandemic. Moat’s Art is our way of nevertheless nourishing the creative spirit. A changing world can bring hardships, but also spur new thinking. We hope this small example may spark some imaginations.

“Doko-demo Geijutsu-sai
The most common Japanese name for the WMDF event that we usually hold in August is “Geijutsu-sai”. We heard from so many of our arts world friends that they would avoid a “geijutsu-sai”-free summer by holding their own small parties, that we knew we had to do something ourselves. We also made some T-shirts with the theme “Doko-demo Geijutsu-sai” (everywhere is geijutsu-sai). Want to take part? Just arrange to bring some different worlds together, and be sure to send us a picture or two. Although we can’t pack out Motomachi Park like we usually do, we hope that even “with corona” you can find some place to enjoy year 13 of WMDF as “Doko-demo Geijutsu-sai”. Hakodate can still live up to its “Festival Town” billing!

Our Reviews

“Love the rowboats! Funny! mad! Whacky!”

Support Us

We welcome donations to help realise this community platform. The natural acoustics and beauty of the backdrop mean our set costs are minimal: our main outlays are modest rewards for artists, printing and signage fees, broadcast fees, and boat usage. We appreciate your warm support.

Bank details: 一般社団法人ワールズ・ミート・ジャパンJapan Net BankSuzume Branch, 1662821

Location Details

Moat’s Art Inquiries

“Worlds Meet Japan”(ask for Shibata or Fukuda)

  • TEL. 0138-27-7081 (apologies, but Japanese only)
  • 〒040-0053 Hakodate, Suehiro 9-9