2021 Show Lineup!

Thanks for the great response to our online show. Here is the 2021 lineup

  • 12 online lives, including India and Iran, Indonesia & virtual performers
  • 12 online showcase rooms: artists, art projects, science experience & more
  • 6 virtual stages of video content, with contributed content from over 30 artists from
    over 10 countries, including Australia, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Belarus, Lithuania,
    Argentina, Netherlands, USA, & Mexico
  • Also: 79 collaborating Hakodate stores: enjoy with food & refreshments from your home,
    with our delivery online partners!

All is free to explore for 24 hours in our online space:

If an online space is not for you, follow our curated festival experience 24 hour live stream:

Individual Lives listing:

30th (Sat)
@17:00~ オープニング&オンライン芸術祭の紹介 / Opening & Tour of Online Festival Space
@17:45 チョイスちゃん / Choice Chan
@18:10 クラバー&マロン/ Clabar&Maron
@20:00 亀しょうから生中継/ Live broadcast from Kamesho
@20:45 芸術祭バーコンコルド21からの中継/ Live broadcast From WMDF bar
@21:30 スミタ・ナグデブ/ Smita Nagdev (India)
@22:30 ナヴァイエメール/ Navayemehr(Iran)
@23:30 / Parahyena (Indonesia)

@8:00~紀のあさ/ KINOASA
@9:00~江本&ワタナベ/ Emoto& Watanabe
@10:00~星 祐介/ Yusuke Hoshi
@13:00~15:00 VR Live: アンビエントフロー/ Ambientflow
@14:00~リリー・ロイ/ Lily・ Loi