Thomas Thornton — Violin

Moat’s Art — Installing Art Project

Thanks to Yagai-geki, WMDF and other volunteers for decking out Goryokaku Park with “World’s Eye” flags for the first time. Looking forward to seeing who will turn up at this new “stage”.

Moat’s Art — Trial (Thanks, Noda Boat!)

Thanks to all who have worked to bring this plan together. It has been a pleasure to work with people in new ways, especially with Noda Boat, and with the good folks from the Yagai Geki. When we gathered for the experiment below, we were all impressed by the natural acoustics offered by traditional castle walling. Thanks to Hakodate City too for swift checking of the logistics: Moat’s Art has now been reviewed and approved at all levels by local government.

「モーツ・アート」試験運行の様子 2020年6月3日